Sunday School Theme: All About Jesus

We have some exciting changes to our 2017-2018 Sunday School program year beginning Sunday, September 10th.

LOCATION:  Each week children in Kindergarten-fifth will be gathering in MAHON HALL at 10:15 am for a song and a message/activity preparing them to hear about the Bible story each week. At 10:30 am they will be moving to their individual classrooms with their teachers.

Nursery:  Room 112 (lower level)

Preschool:  Room 113 (lower level)

Kindergarten-First Grade:  Room 115 (lower level)

Second Grade: Room 123 (lower level-same room where JAM meets)

Third Grade: Room 204 (across from Mahon Hall)

Fourth-Fifth Grade: Room 201 (across from Mahon Hall)

CONTENT:  This year is going to be All About Jesus. We will be using the Weaving God’s Promises curriculum, but we are focusing our program year on the life of Jesus. That means we will be starting with Jesus’ birth right at the beginning!  Focusing on Jesus all year will give your child a thorough understanding of Jesus was and why he is at the center of our faith. We look forward to enriching your child’s spiritual education and formation.

GOALS: In addition, each class is working on one or two goals each year. They will be working on that goal as well as reviewing goals from prior years. Here are the goals from each age group:

Preschool: Learn your classmate and teacher names, the name of our church and our rector.  Learn a class prayer for mealtimes.

Kindergarten-First: The 10 Commandments and The Lord’s Prayer

Second: Communion, our faith and Books of the Bible

Third: The Nicene Creed

Fourth-Fifth: Label the Procession and Names of the Apostles