“From the very beginning, liturgy and music have been quite closely related. Mere words do not suffice when man praises God. Discourse with God goes beyond the boundaries of human speech. Hence by its very nature the liturgy has everywhere called upon the help of music, of singing, and of the voices of creation in the sounds of instruments. The praise of God, after all, does not involve only man. To worship God means to join in that of which all creatures speak.

– Pope Benedict XVI at the VIII International Church Music Conference in Rome, November 17, 1985

The music ministry at St. Mark’s embraces a variety of musical styles, from the rich treasury of the English choral tradition to contemporary and meaningful hymn texts set to beloved hymn tunes, to the meditative prayer practice of Taizé. Our music seeks to support a liturgy, “a work of the people together” conducive to experiencing God’s creation, unlimited grace, mercy and power to heal. When singing the songs of our faith, we embed the truths of the Gospel in the depths of our soul. While experiencing instrumental music, be it from the heavenly sounds of our wonderful pipe organ or the rich offerings by the many instrumental musicians who attend St. Mark’s, we seek to offer a quiet time for a calming of the mind, introspection, and listening.

All are welcome, from youngest to oldest, beginner to professional, to be a part of the music ministry at St. Mark’s. It is in singing, praying, and worshipping together that we prepare ourselves to be God’s witnesses to the world.

Daniel Segner, Director of Music (

Marsha Webster, Music Associate
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