IMG_8654St. Mark’s Preschool is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, firmly grounded in the Episcopal ethos of the love of God and the belief that God calls us to love all of God’s children. Love for children and their unique gifts are the foundation of everything we do. We believe in inclusiveness and seek diversity as an integral aspect of the preschool experience. We respect and affirm the traditions of other faiths, those with no faith tradition, and make no effort to proselytize.

Weekly, our preschoolers meet with clergy of St. Mark’s to sing songs, pray, listen and respond to stories from the Judeo-Christian tradition and share questions and observations about the world around us. During the beginning of a school year, chapel time typically takes place in the classroom, lasting about ten to fifteen minutes. As the year progresses, chapel time is held in the actual church chapel or in other rooms and spaces at St. Mark’s. Children bring stuffed animals to receive a blessing given by Pastor Robin near the Feast of St. Francis. Fr. George brings his guitar to chapel and teaches the children to sing songs such as “Alabaré” – a song in Spanish about giving thanks.

If parents have concerns regarding their child attending a school based in the Episcopal tradition, we encourage them to speak with the Director of the school so that we many fully respect and honor their beliefs.