Coffee Hour Directions


 Check the main Coffee Ministries page to see when you are scheduled to host.

 When you are scheduled to be the Sunday morning coffee host, follow these steps:

 1.  Provide food (baked or purchased) for the coffee hour in the following quantities:

Pastries or Coffee Cake that can be cut into 60 small pieces and 5 dozen Cookies or Muffins and 2 pounds of fruit such as Grapes, Strawberries, Orange segments or Apple slices.  Items need only be 2-3”.  For example Muffins can be cut into halves or quarters and each piece will be considered an item.  Therefore, 1 dozen Muffins can become 2 dozen or 4 dozen depending on their initial size.

2.  Arrive by 10:30 a.m. on the Sunday you are to host.  Bring your food to the kitchen adjoining Mahon Hall.

3.  Work on the coffee hour set-up with your Coffee Hour Minister.  (Don’t drop off and run…..remember, you are the host!)

4.  Serve as host of the coffee hour.  This means you welcome people as they enter the parish hall, introduce yourself to people you don’t know, and make sure things are running smoothly.

5.  Clean-up at the end of coffee hour.  The Coffee Hour Minister will assist you.  They will help make sure everything is returned to its proper place.

It’s that easy!  You don’t need to know your way around the coffee makers, the kitchen, or the pantry.  You just need to show up with food, hands willing to help, and openness to your fellow parishioners!


It takes all of us to make St. Mark’s the great place we love to come on Sunday.  Our coffee hour expansion is just another sign of the great and wonderful growth of St. Mark’s.  Thanks to all of you, we are Rooted in Baptism, Growing in Faith, and Branching out into the World!