Coffee Hour Letter

August 2011


Dear St.Mark’s Parishioner,

Coffee hour at St. Mark’s has been both popular and one of the best ways that we reconnect each week and welcome visitors, guests, and newcomers.

Again this year, we are asking all families to take a turn in hosting coffee hour.  Your family has been assigned to host one coffee hour over the next few years.  The attached list shows which Sunday in which you are assigned.

Hosting coffee hour is very easy!  It takes about 90 minutes and there will be a coffee hour “expert” on hand to help you.  You bring the food as described in the attached Five Step Guide to Coffee Hour on the back of this letter.

You will receive a contact a week ahead of time reminding you that you are the coffee hour host.

I hope you enjoy this shared ministry that will involve everyone at St. Mark’s.

As always, it is my hope that every person who comes to St. Mark’s will experience the warmth of our community to know Christ’s love through the hospitality we extend to each other and to the strangers in our midst.

Yours in Christ,


George Smith

Coffee Hour Ministry Team:   Joanie Somerville, Joyce Fletcher, Virginia Vagt, Susan Shorney, Marilyn Justus & Bob Olsen