Salad Suppers

These suppers are intended to be light and fun. Women simply bring a salad, bread, a dessert or beverage. These dinners are held in Mahon Hall during the ministry program year and in parishioners homes during winter and summer breaks. In the fall, a Kick-Off salad supper is held that showcases the women’s ministry events, groups and programs for the upcoming calendar year. Sometimes it will have a fun theme and be paired with a group activity such as a service project.

This year our theme is Wrap. Snack. Give Back! which will be held Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00 p.m. in Mahon Hall. All women of the parish are invited to this one-of-a-kind salad supper that features fun icebreakers, previews of programs and events, a light supper and a unique service project. This evening of fellowship will showcase a tour of women’s ministries and ladies can learn about all the programs and events of the coming year. In addition we’ll laugh, gab and wrap for the  The Birthday Present Project where parishioners will wrap birthday gifts for impoverished children in DuPage Co.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Olsen at or Caroline McAlpine at