What is a Pledge?

Gabriel IconWhat is a pledge? – A pledge is an estimate of how much money you plan to give to St. Mark’s in a given year.  It is not a binding contract.  Circumstances can change – and pledges may be revised up or down depending on your situation.

Why pledge? – Your pledge makes it possible for St. Mark’s to create a budget for our staffing, ministries, programs and outreach for the coming year.  Pledging is the primary basis for what we can accomplish as a church.

How much should I pledge? – Just as everyone has a different financial situation, the amount of your pledge is an individual decision and will be unique and reflect your own life situation and sense of commitment to the church.  The average pledge is about $2,500.  We seek pledges from approximately 330 families to meet our budget goal of $700,000.  Pledges of any amount are welcome and necessary for our ministries.

How do I pledge? – You may pledge by filling out a pledge card and delivering it to St. Mark’s.  Also, you can print one out from the web site or click here to submit a pledge form online .  On the pledge form, indicate the amount of your pledge on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis – whatever frequency works best for you.

Questions? – If you have any questions about pledging, please don’t hesitate to ask our Giving Campaign co-chairs, Ellie Dunham or Andrew Dorn, our treasurer, Bill Novak, or one of our clergy.

Contacts:  Bill Novak, Treasurer – treasurer@stmarksglenellyn.org, Christine Ponstein, Bookkeeper cmponstein@comcast.net, or call the church office at (630) 858-1020 to leave a message.