Our Philosophy


The St. Mark’s Preschool philosophy is influenced by the Reggio Emilia project approach to learning. The emergent curriculum builds upon the interests, passions and play of children while also encompassing developmentally appropriate concepts and skills. Learning is facilitated through exploration and project work. Children are celebrated as individuals capable of deep, creative thinking. Their learning is a personal journey supported through a partnership between the child, his/her parents and teachers.

Teachers act as documenters, observers and researchers. They meet weekly to discuss activity in the classroom and plan provocations that will further classroom study. Teachers thoughtfully and purposefully introduce knowledge and materials for exploration in the classroom promoting both academic and emotional growth.

Partnerships with parents and community are a cornerstone of our philosophy. Children’s interests and curiosities are brought to life through direct interaction with the world around them through field trips, parent participation and community involvement.

Proud member of NAREA – North American Reggio Emilia Association